Thursday, July 13, 2006


The Amazing Screw-On Head

Yes. The Amazing Screw-On Head. Yes.

Mike Mignola's second greatest creation (right after Hellboy, right before Lobster Johnson), made into an animated spectacle under the guidance of Bryan Fuller for the Sci Fi Channel.

Emperor Zombie. Airships. Werewolves. Chairs made out of live rats. A chimpanzee with a crown. A hookah deathtrap. Abraham Lincoln. And America's greatest defender, Screw-On Head.

Go watch the pilot online, say nice things in their little survey, and convince Sci Fi to make loads and loads more episodes, won't you?

"Godspeed, Screw-On Head!"

Brilliant! That pilot really captured the comic book's true weirdness and humor. God, I hope SciFi is smart enough to put it on the air.
"We're coming for you, America!"
I thought it was a little slice of brilliance, myself. How cool would it be to have this on a weekly basis, if only for a short while? Between this and Venture Bros, it would be an embarassment of riches!
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