Monday, June 19, 2006


Slow Bob in the Lower Dimensions

Back in the days before MTV degenerated into endless repeats of Cribs and Pimp My Ride, but after the days in which it aired only music videos, it was briefly the home of all sorts of pretty daring and experimental short films, including "weird ass puppets and screwed up cartoons" (in the immortal words of Jay). And one of the best of the bunch was Henry Selick's Slow Bob in the Lower Dimensions. Selick, whose films include The Nightmare Before Christmas, the flawed but underrated Monkeybone, and the forthcoming Coraline, inarguably the best stop-motion animation director currently working, crafts a strange story mixing life action, stop motion, collage, and more. I must have seen this thing a hundred times when I was in college, and whatever my state of consciousness, altered and otherwise, it was always a trip. Well worth checking out.

I was Wondering if anyone could send me or postthe Henry Selick Short Slow Bob in the Lower Dimensions.
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