Sunday, June 25, 2006


Slings & Arrows

Season one of the very excellent Slings & Arrows is out this week on DVD. It's very Canadian, and is a bit slow to start, but in addition to being occasionally devastatingly funny, and a terrific backstage drama-comedy, there's some terrific meditations on theater in general and Shakespeare in particular along the way. I find that I may actually prefer the second season, which revolves around a production of the "Scottish play," but the first season's production of Hamlet is no less worth checking out, for all of that.

No idea if they're doing a third season, but then I'm not sure what Shakespeare play they'd tackle next. Romeo and Juliet is mounted as a counterpoint to Macbeth in season two, and with those and Hamlet out of the way, they've pretty much done the three plays most familiar to a general audience. Midsummer Night's Dream, perhaps?

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