Thursday, June 29, 2006


Publishers Weekly on The Man from the Diogenes Club

The most recent issue of Publishers Weekly features a glowing review of Kim Newman's The Man from the Diogenes Club, now available in stores.

British author Newman channels the glam '70s in this spirited collection of eight stories that celebrate Richard Jeperson, an agent of the titular club—the "least-known branch of the United Kingdom's intelligence and investigative services." Blending SF with supernatural whimsy, Newman (Anno Dracula) conjures up the exploits of a psychically gifted Day-Glo–era ghost hunter and his fellow paranormal investigators, vixen Vanessa (an "s.b.g.," or stunningly beautiful girl) and sidekick Fred Regent. Particularly entertaining tales include "The Serial Murders," about ghostly chicanery on the set of a British soap, and "Egyptian Avenue," in which Richard investigates Kingstead Cemetery's restless wraiths while wearing "leopard-pattern safari jacket and tight white, high-waisted britches tucked into sturdy fell-walker's boots." Think Steed and Peel hop in Dr. Who's time machine with Austin Powers's panache.
I think that last sentence present a fairly apt summary of the book, for those unfamiliar with the stories. And I like that they opted to go with the natural pun, "spirited collection."

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