Saturday, June 17, 2006


MonkeyBrain Novellas

Over on his blog, Hal Duncan shares some thoughts about structure and technique, in the context of discussing the novella he's writing for MonkeyBrain Books, with the working title of "Scorched Earth."

"Novella?" you may be asking. "For MonkeyBrain?"

A few exciting projects in the work for our little imprint, needless to say. The first is a limited edition, the news of which has already leaked into the world, and which I'll be talking a bit more about in the near future. The other two are the novellas.

We'll be making a more formal announcement late this year or early next, but the short version is this: MonkeyBrain is launching a new series of original novellas in inexpensively priced trade paperback editions. The inaugural titles in the line are slated for Fall 2007 release, one by Hal Duncan and the other by Sean Williams.

And in the event that anyone's wondering, yes, we still have every intention of publishing an Adventure Vol 2. We were, perhaps, a bit overly optimistic when calling it an "annual anthology." How does 2008 sound to everyone?

Sounds good to me. By then I should have enough space on my calendar to actually write something for it, even if it's not the Barry-Malzberg-writes-Six-Gun-Gorilla story I originally had in mind.
Awesome, Jess. You don't write nearly enough fiction, and you've been on the list of folks I'll be inviting to Vol 2 since, well, Vol 1 finished up. I'm curious to see the novel you're working on, by the way. Finish it already!
I've actually been working on some other non-fiction writing--I'm doing an encyclopedia entry on Nick Carter for a Facts on File encyclopedia--and Pulp Heroes is taking up huge amounts of time.

But I'm still averaging 1500 words a night on the novel, and hope to have the first draft done by the end of July, and to have the whole thing ready for me to pitch to editors by World Fantasy.

So--I'm working on it!
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