Monday, June 26, 2006


Gerard Jones on Superman and Irresolution

(via) Gerard Jones, he of Comic Book Heroes, Men of Tomorrow, and Killing Monsters, has written an insightful article about Superman for the LA Times (free registration required), in which he has some interesting comments about entertainment in general:

"Our mass entertainment today is mostly based on irresolution, on cliffhangers and endlessly unfolding mysteries whose apparent answers are undermined by new questions. And that's not surprising these days, when life is distinguished by war against untraceable opponents, slowly manifesting global disasters and a growing premonition of national decline.

The superheroes who currently rule the cineplexes are living embodiments of that irresolution. Batman will never get over his rage at the thug who killed his parents. Spider-Man will never get over the guilt of letting his Uncle Ben die. The X-Men will never get the world to accept them (and, as true adolescents, don't really want it to). Superman, on the other hand, was all about resolution. He resolved to use his powers for the good of mankind because his dear old dad wanted him to. When his dad passed away, he left the farm for the city, took on bad guys, beat them, and that was that."
Jones goes on to wonder whether Superman Returns, with Bryan Singer at the helm, can make it in a Batman-and-Spider-man world. I guess we'll find out in a few days...

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