Thursday, June 29, 2006


Cross Plains Universe: Texans Celebrate Robert E. Howard

Well, the contracts have all been signed, and while the news has already leaked out, I figured I'd go ahead and make something like an official announcement.

This year marks the centenary of the birth of pioneeering Texan pulp writer Robert E. Howard, and in celebration of the event Scott Cupp and Joe R. Lansdale have assembled a collection of original stories by Texas writers inspired by Howard, written in his style, or featuring Howard or his creations as characters.

CROSS PLAINS UNIVERSE: TEXANS CELEBRATE ROBERT E. HOWARD is a co-publication of MonkeyBrain Books and the Fandom Association of Central Texas with the cooperation of Paradox Entertainment, and will be a limited-edition anthology. Each attendee of the 2006 World Fantasy Convention, hosted this year by FACT, will be presented a copy, but at this time there are no plans to make copies commercially available, and no plans for a trade edition.

Dean Andersson – “Slim and Swede and the Damned Dead Horse”
Neal Barrett, Jr. – “The Heart”
Jayme Blaschke – “Prince Koindrindra Escapes”
Lillian Stewart Carl – “The Diamonds of Golconda”
Bill Crider and Charlotte Laughlin – “The Heart of Ahriman”
Scott Cupp – “One Fang”
Brad Denton – “The King Comes to Texas”
Mark Finn – “A Whim of Circumstance”
Melissa Mia Hall – “The Sea of Grass on the Day of Wings”
Rick Klaw and Paul Miles – “A Penny a Word”
Ardath Mayhar – “The Pillar in the Mist”
Michael Moorcock – “The Roaming Forest”
Chris Nakashima–Brown – “The Bunker of the Tikriti”
Lawrence Person – “The Toughest Jew in the West”
James Reasoner – “Wolves of the Mountain”
Jessica Reisman – “Two Hearts in Zamora”
Carrie Richerson – “The Warrior and the King”
Chris Roberson – “The Jewel of Leystall”
Howard Waldrop – “Thin, On the Ground”
Livia Washburn – “Boomtown Bandits”
Gene Wolfe – “Six From Atlantis”

YAY! It's got a title!
That's all Joe and Scott. I think it sums up the anthology nicely, myself.
Well, yeah. And a damn fine tip of the cap to the legendary "Lone Star Universe" as well. Who's doing the cover art?
Yep, Scott name-checks Lone Star Universe as a major influence in his introduction.

As for cover art, it's still being worked out, but it'll be a great looking book, I assure you.
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