Thursday, June 15, 2006


Billie Piper Leaves Who

Does this mean that we'll finally have seen the last of Mickey and Rose's mom? I've enjoyed Billie Piper in the role, but the endless sidetrips in the Tardis to touch base with her family grow increasingly wearying by series two (though dropping Mickey off on the Planet of the Cyberman was a step in the right direction). Here's hoping that series 3's companion will be an orphaned, single loner with no ties of any kind.

Well, crap. I'm out. I'll watch the rest of this season and that's it, I guess. The only reason I kept watching was for the Rose/Doctor relationship.
I'm the other way. I find Billie Piper limited as an actress (being kind) and am glad to see the back of her.
I'm squarely in the middle. I like her alright, but won't weep to see her gone. I'm actually quite curious to see what kind of character they bring onboard to replace her.
One rumor I read was that Captain Jack's sidekick in Torchwood may be it.

Of course, I'd rather have the new sidekick be Captain Jack.
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