Monday, May 22, 2006


Sunken Cities

Atlantis was real. We all know that, right? The island of Thera, known in modern times as Santorini, was wracked by a volcanic eruption in the fifteen century BCE, which has been proven to my satisfaction to have been the inspiration for Plato's tale about the sunken island kingdom. (Of course, for the purposes of fiction, I tend to prefer a civilization of superscience on the continent of Antarctica.) Well, now the Egyptians go and find another sunken city. This one's Roman, and is historically far too late to have had any influence on Plato, but it does suggest that cities sunken beneath the waves of the Mediterranean may be a bit thicker on the ground than I might have guessed. Or, erm, thicker on the seafloor, as the case may be.

Oh, and the Bermuda Triangle? Nothing more than the periodic eruption of methane hydrate fields beneath the ocean floor. Crop circles? Hoaxers with boards. Bigfoot? John Chambers in a suit. Lock Ness Monster? The wakes of boats passed out of sight, or a dinosaur toy on a float. Any other questions?

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