Monday, May 22, 2006


New Paragaea Review

Paul Di Filippo, already one of my favorite people, provides a glowing review of Paragaea, which serves to prove I was right about him all along.

"Roberson's book is subtitled "a planetary romance" and seems part of a recent mini-surge of such revitalized retro-fictions, notably by such writers as Al Sarrontonio and R. Garcia y Robertson. Prior to this new generation of writers seeking to mine the musty but potent tropes of the pre-Campbell era, old hands like Michael Moorcock and Philip Jose Farmer were the prime upholders and perpetrators of such romps. Roberson has certainly learned a lot from his literary ancestors, and he manages to hit all the high notes perfectly."
Just a couple of weeks ago, I pointed out Paul's review of Joe Lansdale's Flaming London, and mentioned that it was interesting that he'd name-checked the four authors who've had the biggest influence on my development as a writer: Philip Jose Farmer, Michael Moorcock, Alan Moore, and Kim Newman (though I later that week realized that Grant Morrison should really be added to that list, citing four out of five is still no mean feat). That Paul has mentioned two of that list in connection with a book of mine, to say nothing of Jack Williamson, Jack Vance, and Leigh Brackett, is pretty damned flattering. Yikes!


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