Tuesday, May 02, 2006


The Legion of Super-Heroes

(Via The Legion Omnicom) What does it say about me, a supposedly grown man, that the most excited I've been in a long while was when I saw this image?

I love me some Legion of Super-Heroes, and even managed to include them in Here, There & Everywhere (I thought they were thinly disguised, but since no one seems to have identified them, they may be better hidden than I imagined).

From the talented folks who created the recently-ended and vastly-underrated Teen Titans for Cartoon Network, which after a so-so first season managed to perfectly translate the classic Marv Wolfman-George Perez era New Teen Titans stories into a 21C idiom, the forthcoming Legion of Super-Heroes similarly promises to capture all of the wonky joy of the silver age Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes stories when it premiers later this year on the new CW network. I mean, come on. Hidden behind Timber Wolf on the right there? That's Bouncing Boy, for god's sake. How can you go wrong with Bouncing Boy?!

If they don't include Ron Vidar as a closet Green Lantern, I ain't watchin'!
Hell, I'd be willing to settle for a Celeste McCauley, man!
Give me some Proty, and I'll be a happy, happy viewer.

Not as happy as if they ever get Dawnstar and Wildfire together, but still...happy.
I find it interesting, Jess, that the characters which so many of us who started reading LSH in the seventies were the most invested in have gotten such short shrift in the last couple of decades. Dawnstar, Wildfire, Timber Wolf, hell, even White Witch and Blok. In the various reboots and reinterpretations they always seem to cap the membership sometime around the end of Shooter-era. I guess that the post-Zero Hour Legion sorta had a Wildfire, but it was a long way to go for a character that had only glancing similarity to the original.
The trouble with LSH that DC doesn't grok is that yes, it's complicated, but we ALL started reading at some point. When they reboot to attract new readers, they automatically shed old ones. I'll wager those gained don't equal those lost in the long run.

I mean, really. Rebooting such a continuity heavy series such as LSH just asks for trouble. Not to mention mistakes. Remaking the Great Darkness Saga? I saw that coming years in advance--right after Zero Hour in fact--and it thought gave me chills (in a bad way). I still think GIffen's original plan for Batch SW6 was clever and cool, and made the most sense for those who wanted a young Legion as well as those who liked the new, adult version. Goodness knows DC hasn't been doing anything worthwhile with the Omega Men name...
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