Monday, May 29, 2006


The Great Ten

There should be a rule. From now on, all new superheroes must be conceived by Grant Morrison.

Immortal Man in Darkness. Ghost Fox Killer. The Accomplished Perfect Physician.


"The Socialist Red Guardsman is a character who used his solar powers to carry out the Cultural Revolution."

Hmm. So he destroys historical artifacts and sends intellectuals to labor camps? And he's going to be depicted as one of the good guys?
I stumbled on that one, too, Ted. But my take was that there's actually nothing in this to suggest that a "Chinese government controlled superteam" is necessarily composed of what we might consider "good guys."
I'm not even sure that the current Chinese government particularly likes talking about the Cultural Revolution; it's one of those embarassing episodes of the past.

Perhaps the description just means that this guy is furthering the aims of the government, whatever they currently are.
Another factor may well be that these captions are third or fourth hand, transcribed by a comics fansite from an article in the NYT, which itself culled its information from interviews with PR flacks from DC Comics. It's entirely possible that someone along the way, not even understanding just what the "Cultural Revolution" actually was, might have slid that in. Until it shows up in a comic with Morrison's name in the credits, I'm inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt that he's thought it through. He's rarely disappointed before.
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