Friday, May 26, 2006


Electric Velocipede #10

Electric Velocipede number ten is out. If the news that it contains new stories by Jeffrey Ford and Richard Bowes isn't enough to sway you, check out the full table of contents, as something there is certainly likely to ring your bell. John Klima may well be the hardest working man in zine-ville, and he's certainly not a man you want to piss off at three o'clock in the morning, believe you me. Send him money, both so he can continue to produce one damned sexy zine, and so you aren't forced to see the dark side of Klima for yourselves...

Chris: And we saw the dark side of Klima too, right? Smoking in that room he wanted us out of? The only one not scared was your wife.

It takes a lot to ruffle Allison. But yeah, he had the rest of us quavering, no question about it.
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