Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Batman: Year One Hundred

When DC gets around to publishing the inevitable trade paperback of Paul Pope's Batman: Year One Hundred, don't ask any questions. Just buy it. Fuck Frank Miller. Pope's Dark Knight is the real deal.

Now, if Pope can just find time in his schedule to finish THB, all will be right with the world.

I miss THB. Of course, I miss my copies of the series even more. Oh, to go back in time and stop myself from getting rid of things like that series and my issues of Flex Mentallo...
You got rid of Flex Mentallo? Ouch!

Unloading singles of THB is understandable, though, as the trade collections from Pope's Horse Press were solicited for ages in the late nineties, and looked to be forthcoming at any moment. I'm so gullible that it was years before I looked up and realized that they weren't going to be published any time soon.

I don't think I've ever copped to it publically, but my story "Red Hands, Black Hands" was entirely inspired by a rereading of THB. My initial impulse was to write a story set on a Martian city, featuring a girl riding a velocipede, an image inspired by HR Watson, heroine of THB. Ultimately, the velocipede ended up just as a poetic image in the opening scene, and the protagonist had evolved from a spunky teenager into a transliteration of George Sand, but the kernel of the story has always remained a direct lift from Pope, at least in my eyes.
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