Thursday, April 27, 2006


Paragaea Found

Today's UPS delivery brought with it my comp copies of Paragaea: A Planetary Romance, which goes on sale any day now. I'm pleased to say that, with the addition of one copy each of the hardcover and softcover versions, the books I've written, edited, or published now threaten to spill over onto a third shelf in my library. Paragaea is either my eighth published novel, or my second, depending on where one starts counting, but it's the one of which I'm the proudest so far. Of everything I've written to date, this one comes closest to being the kind of book that, as a reader, I'd like to find on the shelf. I've got Lou Anders to thank for taking a chance on it, and I hope readers will enjoy it.

Details about the book, along with sample chapters, character bios, and maps, can be found at To whet your appetite before reading the book, or as a bit of dessert once you're finished with it, download the FREE prequel novel, Set the Seas on Fire, which recounts an earlier adventure of the novel's male lead, Hieronymus Bonaventure. It's a nautical adventure/romance with Polynesian zombies. Who could ask for more?

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