Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Campbell Nomination (oh, and the Hugos, too)

It's better the second time. I'm happy to announce that I've been nominated for the second time for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer. Thanks are due to John Lorentz for incorporating a grandfather clause after last year's rules change, which meant that KJ Bishop and I got another chance to go to the Hugo Losers party.

The full list is here. Go ahead and look, if you haven't already, I'll wait.

Huge congratulations are due to John Scalzi, who pairs his Campbell nomination with a Hugo nod for Best Novel. Spectacular, and apparently only the second time a Campbell nominee has garnered a Best Novel nomination in the same year. His chances at the Best Novel win are pretty long (it's a great list of books, and all but one of them are actually science fiction!), but if he doesn't win the Campbell I'll eat my hat.

The John Picacio juggernaut continues to roll along, as he gets his second consecutive Best Artist nomination (along with splendid artists and charming dinner companions Donato Giancola and Stephan Martiniere). My pal Paul Cornell racks up his first Hugo nomination in the Best Dramatic Presentation: Short Form category, and it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

The rest of the list is filled out with all sorts of worthy folks, many of whom I know and like. It's immensely flattering to be included in such august company.

Many congrats, Chris!
Very many!
Congratulations and right back at you, Chris.
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dude, it really is an honor just to be nominated. *gives you dorky high five*
Thanks, everybody!
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