Sunday, January 22, 2006


Muppet Wiki

My daughter Georgia has reached the point where the only thing she wants to watch on television is The Muppet Show (she'll stand in the middle of the room, screaming "Nuppet Show!" at the top of her lungs; that's the subtle clue that she wants to watch an episode). We've almost worn out our DVDs of the first season, and I was lucky enough to come across some later episodes recently that should tide us over until the season two box set comes out later this year.

What's struck me the last few days, watching episode after episode from Season Three, is how much better the show got after the already splendid first season. We're endlessly grateful that Georgia has picked something so entertaining and well-done as her driving obsession.

Speaking of driving obsession, I was googling Judy Collins today, after watching her second season appearance (did you know that she was a regular on Sesame Street for several years in the late seventies? I must have seen her every appearance as a kid, but I'd never made the connection) and stumbled across the Muppet Wiki. It just launched in December, and I'm already in love. A great site, getting better by the day.

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