Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Loose Ends, the Tying Up of

Having finished the last of my current short story obligations last week (the three stories I wrote between the end of October and the end of November have all gone to good homes, thank you very much), I'm planning on spending the last weeks of 2005 tying up loose ends. I'm working on some revisions to Fire Star that my agent has suggested, and doing some reading in advance of starting in on my big, wacky space opera. In the meantime, I've been asked to pitch a franchise novel, which has me doing all kinds of odd Google-searches (I'll refrain from mentioning the franchise, but at present the pitch involves telepathic viruses and parallel worlds), usually on a laptop while my daughter is watching Jack's Big Music Show or Play With Me Sesame. (I lost track a while back, but at one point I had five franchise pitches--three novels, one audio drama, and one comic--all in the air at the same time. The numbers are slightly higher, at present. I observed at the time that the only thing worse than none of the pitches being bought would be all of the pitches being bought. So far, though, the former eventuality appears to be in the lead...)

Two months ago, I would have sworn that, by the beginning of December, I'd find myself with nothing but free time on my hands for a short while, all of my obligations met. Isn't it funny how the work you have to do always manages to expand to fill exactly the amount of time you have to do it?

Okay, I'm back to Googling telepathic viruses and the like. If you haven't already, go and watch the X-Men 3 teaser. Looks pretty damned good for a Brett Ratner flick.

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