Monday, December 05, 2005


Kong Live!

Yesterday, I had the great good fortune of seeing the story of King Kong as it always should have been seen: performed live on-stage as a radio play.

Under the careful guidance of lifelong Kong-fanatic Mark Finn, who wrote and directed this adaptation of the original film, the Violet Crown Radio Players performed a bit of stage magic as they presented a gripping tale of adventure with a cast of thousands, including a forty-foot gorilla locked in life-and-death struggles with a giant spider, a sea serpent, a T-rex, and more. Attacks by bi-planes, stampeding crowds, bustling newsrooms... Really, it had to be seen--and heard--to be believed.

(What I didn't know until just now was that the theme song to the adaptation, a jaunty number called "Don't Shoot That Monkey Down," was written by Finn for the show! I'd assumed it was just some wacky 1930's novelty number I'd never heard. Good job, Mr. Finn!)

The VCRP, for which Finn is the Creative Director, stages several of these radio shows a year, and they're always well worth the price of admission. If you're within driving distance of Austin, you've got two chances this weekend to catch the Kong show, and you won't be sorry you did. If you're one of those poor unfortunates outside the Austin-sphere, you'll have to wait for the CD release, but in the meantime you can get a sampling of the magic in this spot that ran yesterday on the local CBS affiliate.

Many thanks, mon frere. Glad you enjoyed it. I'm pretty proud of "Don't Shoot That Monkey Down" my ownself.
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