Tuesday, November 08, 2005


My Fellow Texans & Hatred=1. Fairness & Reason=0

This makes me ashamed of my home state. As if the long standing laws already prohibiting same-sex marriage weren't enough, we now add a completely unnecessary, blatantly discriminatory constitutional amendment. One that also goes so far as to prohibit the state of Texas or any political division within it from recognizing any institution that in any way resembles marriage, including any kind of domestic partnership.

On the upside, if the supporters of this hateful nonsense are to be believed, all of the state's problems are now over. Right? I mean, if two men can't share each other's lives in the eyes of the state, we won't have to worry about any of that violent crime, drug abuse, poverty, illiteracy, and teenage pregnancy that gay marriage supposedly would be causing.

Christ almighty. Can we go ahead and start terraforming and colonizing another planet now? I'm getting pretty fucking tired of this one.

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