Friday, November 11, 2005


J. Michael Straczynski, Self-Publisher

This is an interesting development, for a number of reasons. Evidently using CafePress's PoD offerings, J. Michael Straczynski is offering trade paperback compilations of all of his scripts for Babylon 5, complete with new introductions, production memos, and behind the scenes photos. If I'm reading the official site correctly, these will be published under his own Synthetic Worlds, Ltd. imprint.

Last year Allison and I watched all of Babylon 5, beginning to end, and while it wasn't always my cup of tea, I found a lot to admire in it: principally, the level of creative control JMS was able to exercise over the series. And you really can't get a greater degree of creative control than self-publishing, so it seems a natural fit.

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