Monday, November 21, 2005


C.S.A. The Movie

Just came across an interesting sidebar and review in this week's Entertainment Weekly of Kevin Willmott's C.S.A. The Movie, a "mock documentary" in the style of Ken Burns that uses the examination of an alternate history America, one in which the South won the Civil War, to examine racial issues in modern America. Produced by Spike Lee, and distributed by IFC, the film appears to be opening next February, after lengthy delays (premiering at 2004's Sundance, it's first theatrical screening was last month in Memphis; the EW article opines that IFC is a bit skittish about the film's decided non-P.C. take on race issues). I'm hoping that it gets a wide enough release that we'll be able to see it in Austin or, barring that, that a DVD is released in short order. A trailer (well worth checking out) and more details on the film can be found at the official site.

I know this is supposed to be satire, but as a southerner I found the trailer apsolutely repulsive. No I am not a racist. No I am not proud of what my part of the country did not so long ago, as I am sure New York isn't too proud of the fact that the majority of southern slaves came through that state. However, what little I have seen of this movie offends me as someone who is proud of where I come from.
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