Thursday, November 10, 2005


Cool Whedon News

From the WHEDONesque blog, comes some pretty cool news, right from Joss Whedon himself: "Speaking of Darkhorse Comics, they are starting a new Buffy comic, and as I understand it, it will take place after the end of Buffy and Angel and be canon in the Buffy world. And I understand it that way 'cause I'M WRITING IT. I'm kicking off the book with a four issue arc that finds Buffy -- you guessed it -- living in Italy with The Immortal. [snip] Then I'll be overseeing the book more closely, to make sure it remains true."

He goes on to talk about the possibilities of a Spike movie, which would conceivably tie into the new comic series.

I came late to the Whedon party, not starting in on Buffy or Angel until they were in their last seasons, once the first few years were all available on DVD. Now, I'm a solid convert, having watched both straight through from beginning to end. The thought of more of these characters from the pen (or keyboard, as may be the case) of Whedon himself is a very attractive notion.

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