Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Warriors, come out and play

We have a no-game-console rule in our household (well, to be honest, my wife has a no-game-console rules, and she's the boss), but this is almost enough to entice me to run down to Best Buy and pick up an PS2, in defiance of house rules. Walter Hill's 1979 classic, The Warriors, which is best watched late at night, inadvertently, and preferrably more than a little drunk, has been a personal favorite for years. I've never bothered to pick it up on DVD, as I've always thought that this was the sort of movie that could only be really enjoyed if one stumbled upon it on a UHF station, some time past midnight, but I find the notion of playing the story as a game tremendously tempting.

(Allison, just we both saw the commercial for the game, pointed out, "Well, it's really just a video game plot anyway, right?" Right.)

No game consoles?!

*peeks furtively over at the X-Box, PS2, GameCube, and Nintendo DS*

Well, I guess we did have that "addiction" conversation....;-)

In my defense, though, I have been considering canceling my WoW account. And Blaine's. (I wonder how many six-year-olds have their own WoW accounts. Like mommy, like daughter. ;-))
Apparently the new Warriors dvd has some vital scenes cut out from it, however.
Deanna, Allison is probably right to have imposed the ban in our house, as I'd likely get nothing done if I started playing games. I used to be a pc gamer, and I lost complete days at a time. I've been tempted by a lot of the MMORPG (City of Heroes in particular), but I've managed to resist. I want to have some kind of career, after all...
Jess, what did they cut?!
In addition to adding comic book panels at the beginning and end of some scenes--yes, comic book panels--they cut the scenes which appear on the TV version but which were missing on the original DVD, such as the opening, when Cleon tells each of the Warriors exactly what their role will be once they get to the big metting in the Bronx.
Comic panels? What the...?
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