Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Finder Online

Carla Speed McNeil's amazing Finder is one of the best comics currently being produced in the English language, and arguably the best science fiction ever done in the medium. McNeil calls it "aboriginal SF," and that's as good a tag as any, and I'm not sure that anything quite like it is being done in prose SF, though it sometimes come near territory explored by folks like China Miéville and Octavia Butler.

Recently, McNeil announced that she would no longer be producing individual issues of the comic. She'll still be producing the trade paperback collections, typically released to coincide with San Diego Comic Con, but from this point onwards she'll be serializing the stories a page at a time online. For free, because she's cool like that.

Finder is really one of the best things ever, and I can't recommend it highly enough. The new storyline starts off here, but McNeil has put the complete text of the first chapters of earlier arcs online as well. Dream Sequence is one of the best virtual reality stories I've read, while Talisman is a splendid meditation on creativity and book-lust (a page from the story hangs on my wall, and I pass it every day on the way to my office) that should be required reading for every book lover. And people who still dismiss the medium of comics as inherently juvenile, like this jackass from the Village Voice, should be forced at gunpoint to read the first few pages of King of the Cats.

Go. Read great comics. For free. (And then send McNeil lots and lots of money.)

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