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Adventure Review

In the pages of the October 2005 issue of Locus Rich Horton reviews Adventure Vol. 1. He singles out stories by Mike Resnick, Chris Nakashima-Brown, John Meaney, Neal Asher, Michael Kurland, Kim Newman, and Lou Anders. While pointing out that there are a few examples of pulp homage in the anthology, he says "the bulk of the book is fairly straightforward genre fiction--well done stories, fun reads, and pretty intelligent to boot."

I was particularly pleased with the following paragraph. Lou Anders, who is my editor at Pyr, is a splendid writer, a fact about him which most people don't know. A few years ago he let me look at the first chapters of a novel he was drafting, a western by way of the New Weird. When I was queuing up contributors for the first volume of Adventure last year, I insisted that Lou let me run the first chapter as the initial installment of a serial. Though he's published one or two stories elsewhere, I think this may be Lou's first review:
Finally, as seems necessary to truly reflect the spirit of the old pulps, there is part 1 of a serial, Lou Anders's "The Mad Lands, Part 1: The Death Wish." This is a lovely "New Weird Western," complete with a hero saved from the gallows, a mysterious woman, half-mechanical horses, and further oddities. I look forward to future installment.

In his summation, Horton gives the anthology a nice little it of blurbage:
In sum, Adventure, Vol. 1, delivers what it promises, for the most
part. Enjoyable stories, well written, and quite distinctly full of

What editor could ask for better than that?

Postscript: Nick Gevers writes this morning to let me know that he's reviewed the anthology for the November issue of Locus, and included Kage Baker's contribution in his recommendations for the month.

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