Friday, September 02, 2005



I'm glad that I've mostly finished work on the fall MonkeyBrain titles, as I'm finding it difficult to concentrate on anything besides watching 24-hour cable news coverage of the horrific state of New Orleans in a kind of shocked state of numb horror and outrage.

I've more than a fair share of thoughts about what's happening, and specifically about the federal government's response to it, but I don't think I can put any of it more cogently than China Miéville has here. Scroll down for his ongoing "The politics of weather" posts.

And I follow with disgust stories like this.

You're not the only one, Chris. I'm wondering if I will be late on a project for the first time in my career. :-( This is making me sick. Those people were abandoned.
I think Mayor Ray Nagin's comments in his radio interview on Thursday pretty much summed up my emotional tenor the last few days. They've been airing clips on CNN for the last two days, but the full transcript is even more enlightening:
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