Saturday, September 03, 2005



Our household has been glued to CNN for the last few days (with brief breaks from time to time when Georgia demands a Play with me Sesame or a Muppet Show), and we've been really impressed with the way that everyone from reporters in the field, to segment producers, to their studio anchors are really keeping the pressure on down along the Gulf Coast, especially in NOLA (this is the best example I could find after a cursory search of their site, but seeing Anderson Cooper lay into the Louisiana senator was the first indication that we were undergoing a serious, if perhaps temporary, sea change). I checked out the websites of a few of the other news outlets this morning, and was amazed to see that even Fox News appears, for a brief moment, actually to be fair and balanced in their coverage.

In the days following 9-11, one of the things that struck me most was the fact that, for a brief moment, the vast majority of news coverage in the US, both on networks and on cable, was about things that actually mattered. Of course, it didn't last. And there's no reason to believe that the current transformation of cable news into actually journalism is likely to be anything but a temporary condition. But I still hold out hope.

Anderson Cooper has emerged as my hero from the press corps in this, and I've been impressed by his questions to politicians throughout. He was also on Bill Maher's Real Time on HBO last night, and Bill pointedly asked him if we didn't finally "have our press corps back?" and if their anger now wasn't in part payback and regret for letting Bush off easy for the war.
I just watched that episode of Real Time this evening. Hell, we're at this moment watching MSNBC (since we can't take Larry King on CNN), and I'm amazed to see that Tucker Carlson--who is on the ground in the Ninth Ward--s calling one of the Louisiana representatives on the carpet over the fact that his news crew has found people in New Orleans who still haven't seen any sign of police, military, or aid workers.

The media in general is pissed, and I can't blame them in the least.
Here's hoping they stay pissed.
And yeah, I couldn't believe Tucker!
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