Friday, July 01, 2005


The Year's Best Science Fiction

This morning I picked up The Year's Best Science Fiction Twenty Second Annual Collection, the latest in Gardner Dozois's long running series. I'm extremely vain, so the first thing I did was to check to see if any of my stories had received honorable mentions, and was delighted to see listed both "Red Hands, Black Hands," from Asimov's, and "In the Frozen City," from John Klima's Electric Velocipede. I was even more delighted to see MonkeyBrain Books mentioned several times in the Summation, including discussions of Lou Anders's Projections and Michael Moorcock's Wizardry & Wild Romance. Lou gets a few more nods his direction with mentions of Pyr and the like, so good on him. Great stories in the mix, too, from the likes of Paul Di Filippo, Kage Baker, Benjamin Rosenbaum, and Paul Melko. Gardner's invaluable analysis of the state of the field in his Summation, though, is what's really worth the price of admission, and what sets his annual collection apart from the other year's best offerings, as valuable as they might be.

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