Wednesday, July 06, 2005


P2P Pilots and Hyperdistribution

An interesting write up on Wired News about the leaked pilot to Global Frequency, a television adaptation of Warren Ellis's comic series. Especially interesting in light of ongoing discussions about how P2P in general, and Mark Pesce's notion of "hyperdistribution" in particular.

Whether all the internet buzz ultimately revives the show, Rogers said he has learned much from the leak and about the power of the internet.

'It changes the way I'll do my next project,' said Rogers. If he owned the full rights, he said, 'I would put my pilot out on the internet in a heartbeat. Want five more? Come buy the boxed set.' He urged other creators to do the same.

'It's a model and a reminder to the next guy who comes along,' he said.

In the extremely unlikely event that a passed-over pilot ends up getting picked up for development as a result of an illicit leak on P2P networks, this could be very interesting, and could conceivably usher in something very much like the utopian hyperdistribution model Pesce envisions. For my part, I think there's a lot to be said for John Rogers version of P2P distribution--make a direct-to-DVD series, post the first episode to BitTorrent as a free download, and then create an audience willing to purchase the DVD set at retail costs.

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