Monday, July 25, 2005


Between Conventions

Apparently sometime since leaving for San Diego Comic Con and now, I've lost the ability to use all the parts of my brain. It's probably something to do with the fact that when I'm at conventions I indulge as many vices as possible, including caffeine and cigarettes, neither of which I consume at home. A week of hyper-stimulation, long days and late nights spent talking about genre fiction and comics, my brain keyed up to its highest pitch. Then I eliminate all stimulants again, return home to my regular routine, and try to get back into something resembling a regular schedule. The problem being that it takes a week or two to fully shift gears back to domestic normality, and next week I'm off to Glasgow for World Con, to be followed by a few days playing tourist in London. All my best laid plans for the work I'd get done in the interregnum between conventions (principally making considerable effort on finishing up Celestial Empire: Fire Star, for which my agent has been patiently waiting since sometime last year) have pretty much been flushed.

I've also been working intermittently the past few months on a long post about how the spate of articles in last month's Wired Magazine got me thinking about remixing, and how it relates to my fiction. But since my brain turned off in the San Diego International Airport, I haven't made any progress on that, either.

Instead, here are some photos from Comic Con, to fill space until I start cogitating again.

My wife Allison and the Stormtrooper Elvis.

Allison and Stephenson Crossley, manning the MonkeyBrain Books booth (with our neighbors Pyr just behind them).

The view from our booth on Saturday. A literal mass of humanity.

The MonkeyBrain Books booths on Sunday morning, with me trying hard to look awake.

And, finally, apropos of nothing, the Samurai Stormtrooper.

Great pics! Have fun in Glasgow!
Thanks, Deanna! We'll raise a glass for you, have no doubt.
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