Thursday, June 16, 2005


NPR's Summer Reading Picks

Here, There & Everywhere has been included in the "Summer Reading Picks" of NPR's "Talk of the Nation." Steve Bercu, owner of Austin's BookPeople and Publisher's Weekly 2005 Bookseller of the Year, had this to say:

Schoolgirl Roxanne Bonaventure meets a dying old woman who gives her a strange bracelet that allows her to travel through time and alternate histories in this rollicking debut novel.

It is a rare author who can take the 'science' part of science fiction so seriously yet not sacrifice a great story or compelling and well-realized characters.

This is extraordinarily flattering. I sense either the hand of Peggy Hailey or Mark Finn in this, both friends and advocates of my work, as well as BookPeople employees. If I have either of them to thank for this, well, thanks!

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