Friday, May 27, 2005


Space Odyssey

Allison and I just finished the DVD of Voyage to the Planets and Beyond, which was originally broadcast on the BBC under the much preferable title Space Odyssey, and we thought it was absolutely superb. It would have been nice to see one or two fewer catastrophes befall the crew, but all in all it was a splendid little bit of speculation. Of course, I took umbrage when the narration made it clear that the story was "based in science fact, not science fiction," when the story was the hardest hard SF story I've come across in a while, but when for the vast majority of the populace the formula "Science Fiction = Star Wars" holds sway, I suppose this is to be expected.

I'm amused to see on IMDB that the working title of the series was "Walking with Spacemen." We've watched a huge pile of these faux-documentaries in recent months, and by and large enjoyed them all, with "Walking with Cavemen" and "Alien Planet" being particular standouts. Of course, they're all science fiction, when you get right down to it, but don't tell the audience. Wouldn't want them getting upset.

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