Thursday, April 14, 2005


Library Journal review

Back in town after a long-ish weekend in Manhattan, only to discover that the Library Journal is running a crazy-positive review of Here, There & Everywhere in their April 15th issue. Very much appreciated.

"ROBERSON, CHRIS. Here, There & Everywhere. PYR: Prometheus. Apr. 2005. c.285p. ISBN 1-59102-310-6. $25. SF Roxanne, the precocious only child of widower Professor Bonaventure, receives a mysterious silver bracelet, the Sofia, that allows her to travel to different times and alternate worlds. In the course of her journeys to the Middle Ages, Elizabethan England, ancient Egypt, and future Oxford, she searches for answers to the questions that have always plagued her life-how can she keep her dying father alive? Will she ever find someone to spend her life with? What is the origin of the Sofia, and why was she chosen to wear it for life? Roberson's deceptively lighthearted take on the phenomena of time travel and alternate universes features a likable heroine whose quick mind and caring heart should appeal to adult and YA fans of sf adventure with a conscience. For most libraries. (from the Science Fiction/Fantasy column by Jackie Cassada)"


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