Sunday, April 17, 2005


Another Review

I keep meaning to post about my recent (and late!) discovery of the novels of Alfred Bester, which have left me slapping my forehead and wishing I'd gotten on the Bester train years ago, but life keeps getting in the way. Between finishing Paragaea for Pyr, putting together a couple of novel pitches for franchise work, and entertaining my fourteen-month-old daughter, I've little time left over for other things. So this journal has really just become a running list of new reviews that have seemed to pop up like summer weeds the last few weeks. But who am I to complain?! So, in an attempt not to break a streak, I tonight stumbled upon an incredibly glowing review of Here, There & Everywhere on a European SF website called Concatenation. This is the first I've heard of the group or the site, so far as I know, but they're my new favorite European SF outfit from this point forward! The review namechecks a lot of authors in the course of the review, and I'm flattered just to see my name in their company, to say nothing of the other nice things he's got to say about the book.


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