Thursday, March 03, 2005


The Return of Krypto

Cartoon Network Krypto the Superdog

I like comics. No, strike that. I love comics. Sooner or later I'll start running brief reviews of the current books I'm reading (the purchase of which chews up an alarming percentage of my disposable income), but at the moment, I'm thinking more about the old comics that I grew up reading.

I adore Superman. More specifically, the Weisinger-era "Silver Age" Superman, and the whole Superman Family. Bottle Cities, Super-Monkeys, alien android villains and fifth dimensional imps. And, of course, Krypto the Super Dog.

Rao Bless the good people at Cartoon Network. First they save the Dini-Timm universe of DC animation by bringing us the Justice League (now Justice League Unlimited), then they introduced a new generation of viewers to the (underrated) Teen Titans, and now... Super Dog.

Damn, this looks like fun. Aimed squarely at five year olds (like the original Krypto backups in Superboy comics), just as they should be. And with Ace the Bat-Hound and Streaky the Super Cat, to boot!

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