Sunday, March 06, 2005



BBC - Cult Presents: Sherlock Holmes

Just read a splendid little bit of metafiction featuring Sherlock Holmes by my friend Paul Cornell. It was published on a section of the BBC (along with audio versions intended for radio broadcast, perhaps?), along with splendid illustrations by D'Israeli... and now, having typed all that, I find that I'm at pains to think of a single US broadcast outfit--corporate network, public television station, or cable media--that would go to similar trouble for the sake of web exclusive content.

As soon as I have a free minute, I'll be checking out the Kim Newman on the same site, and then onto the Jon Courtenay Grimwood. (I spent yesterday soaking in Jules Verne, through the good graces of The Mammoth Book of New Jules Verne Adventures; looks like tonight might be reserved for Sherlockiana.)

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