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    Station Identification Redux

    Hello, anyone who might happen to chance by here. I’ve maintained this site for a LONG time but I’ve only updated sporadically the last couple of years, usually posting about movies or TV shows that I’ve really enjoyed. My day-to-day online posting has mostly been on various social media sites, where I variously talk about politics or post pictures of my cats or share random nostalgia or post about movies or TV shows that I’ve really enjoyed. Sometimes I even talk about writing and my own work. And for a long time that’s worked well enough.

    But when a moronic billionaire buys one of the most prominent social media sites and promptly turns it into a cesspool, that seems increasingly less attractive. So while I’ve set up shop at Mastodon, regularly post to Tumblr, and have been active on the Hive Social app (as @chrisroberson), I want to make more regular use of this site. John Scalzi has issued a clarion call that we should all just start blogging again, to create what he calls the “artisan web,” and I for one intend to do my part.

    I desperately miss the old days when everyone blogged on their own sites and we used RSS feeds to keep track of the latest updates, and though the demise of Google Reader made that harder to do, I’ve been using Feedly in the years since to keep up with everyone still posting on their own sites. So here’s my message in a bottle. I’ll start posting here more regularly about my own work. I’ll talk more frequently about the books and comics and movies that I’m enjoying. And maybe I’ll even share photos of my cats here, if the mood strikes.

    My name is Chris Roberson, and I write comics, and sometimes books and short stories, and sometimes animated TV and video games.

  • Welcome

    This is the personal site of Chris Roberson, writer of stuff and things. My bio is here, my bibliography is here. Below is my blog where I mostly talk about books and cartoons and TV shows that I enjoyed, The Good Stuff, but from time to time I also post about my own work, Stuff I Wrote, or interesting things that I’ve encountered while roaming around the internet, Interesting Stuff. I’m leaving up the old blog archives below, which for the last several years of the previous incarnation were largely announcements about signings and convention appearances, but farther back are very much this kind of stuff. (And the static archive of really old posts from the pre-WordPress days are still lurking back there, going from 2010 all the way back to 2005.) And if you’re here trying to get in touch with me, I’ve added a contact form here that goes straight to my email, and I promise to try answering in a timely manner.