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    iZombie interviews

    I’ve been lax about pointing out interviews here lately, since I started posting regular updates on Twitter. But just to cover the bases, here are a few interviews that have appeared recently that might be of interest.

    Over on Time.com’s “Techland” blog, Douglas Wolk interviewed me about my “secret origins” as a comic book fanatic, which includes a bit about Dust to Dust and iZombie, as well as the revelation of the debt I owe to Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew.

    My spectacular collaborator Mike Allred and I listed our personal soundtracks for the first issue of iZombie for Largehearted Boy’s “Book Notes” last month.

    Christian Lipski has done a three part interview with Allred for Examiner.com, the first part of which is all about iZombie (but be sure to check out the other two parts, too, which are just as good!).

    I’ve done a couple more interviews recently, but I don’t think they’ve appeared online yet. I’ll update the blog as they become available.