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Forgotten Lives

An issue of Hellboy & The B.P.R.D. that I worked on, “Forgotten Lives” with art by Stephen Green, has appeared on Multiversity Comics list of the Best Single Issues of 2022. Here’s a bit of what reviewer Ryan Fitzmartin has to say about it:

“Mignola and Roberson use the story of a ghost in a mass grave in the Bronx as an entry point to explore death and legacy. Hellboy and Trever Bruttenholm are investigating a ghost, but their heads are really occupied by the thoughts of recently departed friends. It’s an elegiac, sad story, with great dialogue that really understands how people cope. The overarching narrative, of the death of a forgotten comic-book writer, feels in some ways as if Mignola and Roberson are wondering about what they’ll leave behind when they depart.

“The art in ‘Forgotten Lives’ likewise is somber, and constrained, lending gravity and weight to a heavy issue. Many artists have drawn Hellboy over the past two decades, but Stephen Green’s pencils manage to do a standout job. Hellboy’s face is expressive and deeply emotive. Green does great work with his eyes, which speak as much as the words do. Dave Stewarts’s coloring is of course completely on point, albeit a little more muted than normal, perhaps to allow the dialogue to take more weight.”

Another of Mignola’s titles, Koschei in Hell, appears higher up on the list, along with one of my absolute favorite single issues of the year, Nightwing #87, so we’re in pretty good company!

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