Hailing Frequencies Open

Beginning in December of 2018 and continuing through last year and the first part of this year, I tried to make it a habit to update my personal site on a regular basis, sharing positive thoughts about books and movies and TV series that I enjoy. Back in January I wrote about the Disney+ documentary on Imagineering, and shared my excitement for our upcoming trip to Disneyland in February. I had intended to write about our trip when I got back, but then the world shut down in March and the time just never seemed right to rave about how much fun we’d had at the happiest place on Earth when there was so much… well, so much 2020 going on.

Now it’s October and 2020 just keeps on happening. This year has been stressful and scary and exhausting and it just… keeps… happening, but I’m still here. Still reading books and comics that I enjoy, and escaping into movies and TV series every night. I’m getting work done, too, as it gradually became a little easier to be productive when Everything Is Awful just became the New Normal.

I’m going to try to update this site on a more regular basis, in the defiant hopes that we’ll all get some good news in November and we’ll slowly start heading back to a better timeline. I’ve been watching a LOT of Star Trek the last few months (and reading a lot of Star Trek comics, and Star Trek novels, and playing some Star Trek video games…), so maybe I’ll share some thoughts about why I’m finding that franchise to be such a source of comfort and inspiration in our present difficulties. Or maybe I’ll just talk about my favorite episodes. But in any event, this post is intended to serve as a signal buoy, to mark that I’m still here, I’m still enjoying media despite all of the awfulness, and I’ll be around.

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