• gargl


    I’m sorry I’m a trade-reader so I just discovered I ZOMBIE with the DEAD TO THE WORLD release.

    I’m very curious about what will be Gwen’ next adventures, and The Allred ‘art is just a bless…

    I’ve seen that one of the Hernandez Broz would do a self-contained story anytime soon and wondered if it that’ll be the case for other artists..I really miss the Vertigo as it was from the start, with artists like Teddy Kristiansen, Ted Mc Keever and Marc Hempel. I’d like to know if you had ever considered to work with such authors onto I ZOMBIE ?

    friendly yours,

  • Chris Roberson

    I absolutely LOVE all of the artists you mention (and McKeever’s Eddy Current was a PARTICULAR favorite of mine years ago), but no plans to work with any of them, as yet. We have the next two guest artists lined up, and one of them is already hard at work, and based on the artists you mention, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

  • gargl

    so I want to see that, but I’m staying on board anyway…
    thanks for having replied,

    all the very best,

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