Superman/Batman 80

Superman/Batman 80, the second part of the two-part “Worlds’ Finest” story that began in issue 79, is in stores now. Script by me, and art by the amazing Jesus Merino (ably assisted on colors by Blond). I’ve spent hours just staring at these pages (and in particular the spread on pages 16 and 17), and I can say without fear of contradiction that they look amazing. I’d love to post some of my favorite images, but will refrain, for fear of spoiling the story. But if you see it on the shelf, check it out. It looks great!


  • Bill Spangler

    Got my copy yesterday and enjoyed it a lot. I particularly liked the Unknown Superman and the shout-out to Miracle Monday.Kent Shakespeare rings a faint bell, but I may be mis-remembering. Was there a Shakespeare in the Five Years Later version of the Legion of Super-Heroes?

  • Chris Roberson

    There was indeed a Kent Shakespeare in the 5YL Legion, and I believe there was a character glimpsed among the Legion Academy members towards the end of the “Reboot” Legion that was widely believed to be a new version of him, as well.

    This is the “real” future of the DCU, though, so this is a Kent Shakespeare who the characters in the current LSH titles just haven’t met yet.

    As for why he’s the Superman of the 31st Century, look around online for info about creator Al Gordon’s original plans for the character. And I should point out that he’s the *sidekick* of Elna Kent, Superwoman, not the flagship hero in his own right. But that’s a story for another day…

  • Keith Evans

    Got my copy too a month ago. I must say its the best. Like bill, I love the unknown superman too. It gives juice to the story. Can’t get enough of batman and superman tandem.

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