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I may have mentioned that I’m writing the Superman comic for a few months, but if you haven’t yet heard the news… Hey, I’m writing Superman for a few months.

A cursory glance of past entries on my blog will show that I am a huge fan of Superman, and have been since I was six years old. Back in September, I was absolutely floored when Superman editors Matt Idelson and Wil Moss gave me the chance to write a two-issue fill-in on the Superman/Batman title. But I had barely begun work on the second of those two scripts when they called with an even more awesome offer–the chance to write Superman, the flagship title of DC Comics that’s been running continuously since June of 1939. Well, how could I say no?

My first issue is Superman 707, which is in stores today. It picks up from the first chapters of the “Grounded” storyline that’s been running in the title for the last few months.

Last week, the Austin American-Statesman ran an interview with me conducted by Joe Gross, in which I got to rave at length about my love for the character, and about why he means so much to me. Statesman photographer Jay Janner did a portrait of me to accompany the piece, which I think says it all.

Seriously, y’all, I’m writing Superman, for crying out loud. Me, a guy who literally spent his entire childhood reading Superman comics, watching Superman cartoons, making up stories with my Superman Mego figures, even dressing as Superman. Don’t believe me? This isn’t a new thing for me…

That’s me in the back, still wearing on Christmas the Superman costume I wore for Halloween.

But I managed to convert all of my siblings to the side of the Man of Tomorrow, too. (The kid in the Spider-Man underoos is my cousin, so we forgave his pulling for the other team.)

Underoos were a godsend to a kid who insisted on dressing like Superman, and I kept wearing them long after I was really too old to do so.

And here I am, years later, in 2000 at DisneyWorld with my wife Allison Baker on our honeymoon. I was still at it, though it was skillfully hidden under red flannel.

And now I’m writing Superman. Who’d have thunk?

The good folks at War Rocket Ajax interviewed me recently for their podcast, and if you want to hear me bloviate about my favorite Superman stories and writers, and why I think Superman is as important for moral instruction as any religious figure, head on over and give it a listen. 

Superman 707, in stores today. If you live in Austin and want to get a copy defaced by me, come by Austin Books between 4 and 7PM, and I’ll be happy to decrease the value of a copy for you.


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