Alternate Novas

I’m late to the party on the Superhero Cocoa blog (“Cocoa” here standing for “Costume Coalition”). In much the same vein as Project: Rooftop site, the blog features artists doing redesigns on superhero costumes. I followed a link from Joel Priddy’s blog this morning to the site, in which he also shared his contribution (about which more in a moment).

The current assignment on Superhero Cocoa was for Nova, and was a themed assignment.

This time, back by popular demand, he will be themed. Your job is to take Nova and interpret him through a culture’s mythology. You could, for example, interpret him through Greek mythology and treat him like Apollo. (BUT, any culture can be used.)

And here are a few of my favorites.

First up is Joel Priddy’s version, which has a Japanese mythological feel to it:

And how about Pete Taylor’s WWI-aviator version?

Nifty, no? Check out the blog for loads more awesomeness!

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