The Manly Art of Jason Chalker

I’ve raved about the work of artist Jason Chalker on the Ramble before, but two new gems have popped up on Jason’s blog in the last few days that merit special mention.

Working backwards, I feel compelled to point out this fantastic mash-up between Big Daddy Roth and Big Trouble in Little China, the “Lo Pan Express.”

The image is avalable as a print, and would make a fine addition to the art collection of any discriminating home.

Next is an image that Jason posted a couple of days ago, promoting his forthcoming exhibit at the Amy’s Ice Cream on 6th Street in Austin.

Now, if you know Austin, you know that Amy’s Ice Cream offers some of the best ice cream on the planet, and starting July 1st the 6th Street location is also going to be putting on display the manliest of manly art I know, from the manly Jason Chalker himself. What do you have to lose?

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