A Small Announcement

It’s been making the rounds of the internet, but this birth announcement is too good not to share again. Congrats to the lucky couple, whoever they are.


  • Chilon

    Hi Chris,

    Out of topic, but your book “Sons of Dorn” does not appear on the side anymore. Should we presume that your job with BL is over? This means more original work on the way?

  • Chris Roberson

    After I added the recent comics stuff I felt like the sidebar was just getting too long, so I’m in the process of trimming some of the work-for-hire franchise stuff out of there, and will probably be taking out even more the next time I update it.

    For the time being, though, I’m going to be mostly occupied with comics work. I just turned in a prose short story on Friday, and that’s the last prose work I’ll be doing for a while. In addition to the work I’m doing with Vertigo and with BOOM! Studios, I’ve just been offered a chance to do an 8-page backup that is SUPER cool. And when the SUPER SECRET PROJECT I’ve been working on for the last couple of months is announced (probably in mid-June), it’ll be clear what’s been keeping me so busy!

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