iZombie #1 free at Austin Books

Have I mentioned that the first issue of iZombie is on stands tomorrow, May 5th? Well, it is. And for a measely one dollar, too!

And if you’re in the Austin area and want to save a buck, come on by my favorite comic shop on the planet, Austin Books & Comics, where they’ll be handing out a free copy of iZombie #1 to every customer (over 17 years old) who walks in the door. And if you want me to deface your copy, show up between 4 and 7 PM, when I’ll be on hand with Sharpie at the ready

If you’re not in the Austin area, of course, the first issue will just set you back a buck, so what do you have to lose?


  • Christian Lipski

    Great issue! I’m stoked to see where you’re taking the story. I’m a big fan of Mike Allred’s art, and it’s good to see it mesh so well with the characters you’ve written. I reviewed #1 for Examiner.com:
    Examiner.com Review

    (hoping this HTML works)

    Anyway, way to go, you guys!

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