Free Comic Book Day at Rogues Gallery

Saturday is Free Comic Book Day, and if you’re interested in getting any of your comics defaced by me, I can be easily found at Rogues Gallery in Round Rock, Texas.

Who else will be there? Well, just this lineup of heavy hitters:

*Paul Tobin (Writer: Marvel Adventures, including this year’s Iron Man: Supernova)
*Colleen Coover (Artist on numerous projects, including Marvel Adventures comics)
*Chris Roberson (Writer: Vertigo’s Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love and I, Zombie)
*Paul Benjamin (Writer: Monsters, Inc., Hit Point High & Marvel Adventures Hulk)
*Alan Porter (Writer: Boom! Studios’ Cars)
*Scott Kolins (Writer: Solomon Grundy, Artist: Solomon Grundy, Blackest Night Flash)
*Paul Maybury (Artist: Comic Book Tattoo, Aqua Leung, Popgun)
*Nick Derington (Artist: Popgun, Madman, Catwoman)
*Matt Sturges (Writer: House of Mystery, Jack of Fables)
*Bill Williams (Writer: Angel, Pantheon)

And if you want me to scribble on your piping fresh copies of iZombie #1 next week, I’ll be doing a signing at Austin Books on May 5th, about which more in a little while.

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