Dr. Fantastic: Man of Adventure

I thought for sure I’d posted about the custom action figures of “Sillof” before, but now I can’t find it. Who knows, maybe I didn’t. But if so, it’s high time to rectify that.

Sillof has made his name in doing historical analogues of various familiar characters: Steampunk versions of the Avengers or the Justice League, Star Wars reimagined as a WWII-era setting, that kind of thing. Check out his site for loads of goodness.

His most recent outing is “Pulped,” which he describes as follows:

PULPED! is a line that attempts to redesign famous characters with a flare of the 1930/40’s adventure serials.

All of the entries so far are gems, but my favorite has to be Mr. Fantastic, Reed Richards himself, as “Dr. Fantastic: Man of Adventure,” playing on the fact that, as all right-thinking people know, Mr. Fantastic is only Doc Savage with stretchy powers.

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